Monday, August 06, 2007

"Hi, hello, welcome..."

to My Gym, here we are, let's have some fun. Welcome to My Gym." So, I am beginning to plan out my Fall schedule for the kids. I am humming all the ridiculous songs that I am permanently marked with, from the 5 years of pointless mommy-and-me classes. I am looking at all of the brochures, My Gym, Gymboree, Kindermusik, ballet, gymnastics, the art center, and so on. I am sitting before my HUGE ugly mom calendar - a different pen color for each one of my three kids. Jay - blue (his room is blue), Lola - pink (her room is pink), and Fifi - green (yes, her room is green). Jay - a proud 5, Lola - 3 (going on 16), and Fifi - a very sweet 5 months.

I am overwhelmed.

I think I will save this for another day.

Yesterday, Sunday, my Jay before bedtime asked me "Mom, why didn't we do anything today?" I exhaustively looked into his very sweet blue eyes and replied, "Jay - what do you mean we didn't do ANYTHING? We rushed out of bed this morning to have a cowboy campfire breakfast with our closest friends, rushed to 12:00 mass, ate lunch, made the 2pm movie, came home to prepare a 5pm dinner with Daddy's best friend, finally took Fifi out of her car seat, played with your new birthday toys, and here we are. We did SO much, look how wibbly wobbly Mama is right now from all of the day's activities?"

I am so overstimulating them with activities, I just know it - I think tomorrow we will just hang around the house with nothing to do and see how it goes. On second thought, I think I will invite some friends over to crash our play day.

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