Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sweet & Sour ...

How can something so incredibly sweet during the day, be so incredibly sour at night?

The last couple of nights have been so incredibly horrible. We had Fifi sleeping from 7pm to 3am for a couple of weeks. This was interrupted by first a runny nose and now some newly erupting teeth. Apparently my dentist, also my husband, explained that teeth erupt in one month spans. This means that as soon as we get her to sleep - new teeth will be erupting. Last night, we consoled her at 11:00, 11:35, 12:00, then again at 12:45 all in her crib, and at 1am I threw her in between us, in our bed. At 2:00 she cried I held her, and 2:30 she screamed I cradled her, at 2:45 she screamed again and I cradled her tighter, at 3:25 I looked at the husband and said, "Really, this child is not normal. What child does not like physical contact with their own mother? She truly has some serious issues." The I passed out until about 4:00am. Seriously though, how can a child not calm down in the hands of their own mother. I slept close to her - face to face - for about 30 minute spans all night long. In between infant Tylenol drops and a couple of "milk snacks" at the 24 hour deli - we woke up for good at 6:00am to an empty container of Tylenol and four empty bottles. This is why she is weighing in at a whopping 21 pounds at 6.5 months - there isn't a percentile for her on the growth charts.

My other kids were not bad teethers. Jay was a champ, Lola - I erased all memories of her as an infant, and Fifi - I think I will have to do the same. Lola and Fifi are the same astrological sign. So, today, I crept downstairs to our study to find the kids' baby books to compare notes on when the first two slept through the entire night. Jay slept through the night for 12 hours at 12 weeks - I immediately approached him and kissed him. Lola slept through the night for 12 hours on Halloween night when she was 7.5 months old. I had an exclamation point after that comment. Oh, Fifi, Fifi, Fifi-pie - Mama P needs a break. I don't know who much more I can take.

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