Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I finally purchased some tacks from Home Depot to hang the beautiful maps I purchased at COSTCO for Jay's travel themed room. One world map and one USA map. We had a fun time talking about all the places we have traveled to. Jay asked so many wonderful questions ... "Where were you born?
Where does Santa live?
What about God?
Where can you see whales?" I am impressed with his questions and answer every single one.

Lola points to a big PURPLE (her favorite color) country in the middle of the map,
"What is this purple one called, Mama?"
Oh, that is MON-GO-LIA, Lola, it is far away from Ohio, see how far?.
"Oh, I want to go to Mon-GO-lia! Because we never even went there before. Let's go to Mon-GO-lia for vacation, we never been there before. Mama, we never been to Mon-GO-lia before."

Mongolia is famous with its wild nature, nomadic culture and hospitable people which attracts foreign tourists around the world. Government of Mongolia has recognized tourism as a priority sector with a great potential to contribute to economic development of the country.In the framework of celebration of the 800th anniversary of Great Mongolian State we have done many actions and activities announcing Mongolian history and culture which was big promotion to attract tourists . For sure, our website will be the very first step to visit Mongolia.Welcome to Mongolia - homeland of Chinggis Khan with it’s unique nomadic culture.
Tsengel.TsMinisterMinistry of Road, Transport and Tourism, Mongolia

Perfect! Mongolia .... a unique nomadic culture ... Lola will feel right at home in her purple country!

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