Monday, October 15, 2007

Breakfast Sausage & Movies

The kiddos are all sick. We spent the beautiful fall weekend inside, at home. We pretended, watched a lot of movies, and cuddled a lot.

Lola approaches Jay's makeshift store counter and he suggested a perfume ....
"Would you like to see this new perfume?"
"Yes, can I try it on, Jay?"
"Yes, you can. It smells like breakfast sausage." (Her most favorite food - Bob Evan's sausage links)
"Thanks, Jay, this is perfect, just perfect."

When sick, I allow the kids to watch full length "kid movies." After watching some movies, I too was in the mood and turned on Lifetime and watched a " movie." It was great. Later on that day, Jay lovingly looked into my eyes and said ... "On your birthday I will buy you two presents, some jewels and some adult movies!"

We laid around in our king size bed and each kid fought over the coveted middle part. I took turns re-enacting their infant years, by rocking them, burping them, and cooing to them. This cuddling was heightened by illustrating their birthing stories - which they LOVE to hear.

Unfortunately no amount of pretend play, kid movies, and cuddling will cure them of this horrible hacking cough and night terror sweats and fever. Today is another sick day here. What do you do on your sick days at home?

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