Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A mother's intuition ...

I knew. I just knew. Jay was sick. We had a sick weekend and he woke up Monday morning feeling weak. I kept him home from school. The husband recommended that I "monitor him" through the day and hold off calling the doctor. By 4pm after holding off all day, just about when our doctor was seeing her last patient for the day, I ran the entire gang over to Urgent Care. He had a rapid Strep test and it came out negative.

Wow, I was wrong. I rarely am ever wrong - I know my children. But, it is okay to be wrong. At least he isn't sick.

I left Urgent Care immediately. I was not around for bedtime (started to invest in myself - it was the 1st night of my community college photoshop class) my husband had bedtime duty and said "It was hard to get all three of them down." . Jay woke up this morning in great spirits, he was just fine, and very excitied to go to school. He ate 3 pancakes - first solid food in three days.

At lunchtime the phone rings, I look at the caller ID "Urgent Care" and pick up. "Hi. Is Mama P there? Yes, this is Doctor so and so from Urgent Care. The 24hour strep test came back and your son has tested positive." I knew. I just knew. Jay was sick.

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the Girls' Moma said...

Isn't that refreshing, to know you're doing your job well enough that you just KNEW? I love that. Too bad he has strep. But I love that!


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