Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rocky's Receipt

Rocky died yesterday. We noticed his lifeless body completely limp, floating at the top of the fish tank. We had him for 5 glorious days and paid 19 cents for him. The kiddos wanted a companion for Cubby, our fish we have had since Jay was potty trained three years ago.

"Mama, look Rocky knows how to back float!" Jay exclaims.
"Mom, come here and look. He's a good floater." Lola exclaims louder then Jay.

Guys, I think Rocky might have gone to heaven. I think he is dead. See - he isn't moving at all. Not even a little bit.

"No, Mama. That isn't the truth. Maybe he is nocturnal. Maybe he just swims around all night long. " Jay explains.
"Mama, Rocky is a nocturnal goldfish. You know that Mama?" Lola parrots Jay's words, just much louder - so we all believe they are her words.

Kiddos, fish aren't nocturnal. Rocky has died. Maybe the man at the pet store made a mistake when he said the two fish will live together nicely.

"Let's return Rocky today. Do you have the receipt Mama?" Jay is happy with his idea.
"MAMA, I have an idea. Let's return Rocky. Okay, Mama?" A much louder Lola asks.

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