Sunday, November 11, 2007

Nursemaid's Elbow

This morning Fifi and I took our very first field trip to the ER.

I was pulling her out of the crib and I pulled too hard on her left arm. I heard a "POP" which was quickly followed by inconsolable crying. Her left arm was limp and her right arm was waving around frantically. I stood by her crib, in my nightgown and screamed for my husband. WE ARE GOING TO THE ER! I changed her diaper, threw on some sweats, and gave my husband breakfast instructions for the other two kiddos.

Fifi calmed down in the car. I sped down the road to the hospital. The same road I took to deliver all three children. Did I break my baby's arm? Did I dislocate it? Did I paralyze her arm for life? Geez, what did I do this time? And then, I remembered that Moosh in Indy recently had a trip to the ER. Click Here. Could this be the same thing ... Nursemaid's Elbow? I remember reading over her post last week thinking "I have never heard of that, and I have heard of everything."

The ER was empty. The doctor came in. "You look familiar."

Heehee, yes, My middle child has been here before.

"Oh, really. What has she been here for?"

Umm, actually she burned her palm when she was 2. She broke her leg at 2 1/2, and then she got stitches at 3. She also has holding breath syndrome so we have been here a couple of times inbetween for that too.

"Oh, I see. And what is this one here for today?"

It turned out that sweet baby Fifi, did indeed have Nursemaid's Elbow. He wiggled her arm around. Two minutes later she was sticking her pacifier into her mouth with her bad arm. Her arm will be "loose" until age 5, so chances are this will happen again. When the doctor at the ER recognizes you.... umm... you should probably try to stay away for a while. Yes?

9classy comments:

LunaNik said...

OMG how terrifying! I would have been such a basket case!! I'm so glad Fifi's ok!!

Karen MEG said...

OH, I did that to my baby brother when I was a teen (he was maybe about 2)- I was swinging him back and forth holding both hands. He was laughing hysterically, and then he started bawling uncontrollably. We took him to his doctor and he popped it back in. I felt HORRIBLE!
I still remember it to this day; and baby brother is 30!
I'm glad that everything is OK!
Your blog is great! I came by via "On the Upside".

Kellan said...

Poor baby - I'm glad it wasn't more serious than that - take care.

moosh in indy. said...

Serendipity of the worst kind.
Amazing how quickly they heal, eh?

OHmommy said...

Lunanik - I was a basket case!

Karen Meg - I am still feeling pretty horrible about it. BTW, I love new readers. Welcome!

Kellan - I was so glad it wasn't anything more serious. :)

Moosh - No kidding. I hope nothing happens to your little one - or I will have to stop reading your blog.

Valarie said...

ha! I had the same problem when I was little. I was about 1 and a half and walking into the library with my mom and was holding her hand. There was a fish tank with a turtle in it on the floor and I tried to flop down onto the floor to see and she didn't let go. POP! I don't remember that specific time, but I can remmeber many trips to the ER to have it "popped" back into place.

huckdoll said...

ack!!! ER trips! our local ER nurses (almost) know us by name in 2 short years, not to mention i've had to call 911 twice since the twins were born...girl, you're sooo not alone :)

glad to hear the little one is ok!

Cecily R said...

I know for a fact that that's something that could happen to any one of us, so you shouldn't feel bad. Poor Fifi, and poor mommy! I'm sorry that both of you had to go through something like that!

P.S. Although the same thing happened to my brother when he was tiny, I'd never heard the name for it before now.

Stella said...

That is so scary! Thank goodness Fifi is ok!! I would have been off my rocker completely!

I can tell you from personal experiences, it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when you walk or wheel into an ER and the nurses all know you by name. ;)


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