Monday, November 05, 2007

The Runaway Wife

I was savoring the delicious Cuban pulled pork sandwhich and washing it down with a cold mojito when my cell phone rang.

“The kids want their good night song. They are overly tired and really not at all consolable at this point. We don’t know what to do. They want you to sing the good night song. Do you want me to hand the phone to them?” I can barely hear my father-in-laws voice, it was being drowned out by all the voices of really cool adult conversations going on around me.

No. Don’t. We are six houses down the street. I will come over and sing to them. Tell them I am on my way.

I grabbed two cocktail umbrella toothpicks for the kids. I left the party and the husband behind and started running home. Normally, I would NEVER have gone back home to sing to them, I would have been much more assertive with my in-laws and given them confidence over the phone to put them to sleep. On this day, I ran home in my stilettos and pearls clutching my Gucci bag ,to join my kiddos for our night time ritual.

Earlier that day, I had a client. She hired me to take some candid shots of her and her son at the park. She wanted some formal shots, some action shots, and some loving shots capturing their relationship. She wanted me to capture their bond because on Wednesday of this week she was scheduled to start Chemo again and was expected to loose her hair and her energy.

What I witnessed was … a strong loving bond between a mother and son. I photographed her wishful eyes that knew God could take her away from her son. So, when my sweet beautiful children called me, crying for my terrible horrible voice to sing them a night time song, I dropped my mojito, my friends, my husband and ran into their arms.

I had a wonderful time Saturday night.

7classy comments:

The Other Jen said...

Thank you for that touching story - it was really sweet.

BTW - you look great all dolled up in the previous pictures!

LunaNik said...

I was going to leave a profound and heartfelt comment, but am now overwhelmed with the desire to go and hug my kids. This story is just another reminder that we must savor each day with our family like it is our last. This is a great story...thanks for sharing.

Kellan said...

This was simply the most beautiful story! And, just about the time I didn't think I could be anymore impressed by your writing and your thoughts - I look to your sidebar and find that English is your third language - and now I am in complete adoration! (I need to put that in my sidebar - who would know the difference - Ha!). Great post and great story - take care.

Victoria said...

I had one of those moments 10 days ago when someone we casually knew passed away unexpectedly at a very young age. Leaving two little ones.

Your story was sweet.

OHmommy said...

Jen - thanks, it's fun to get dolled up.

Lunanik - hug them tight!

Kellan - awww, you are so sweet - love your comments!

Victoria - how horrible and tragic.

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Oh this was beautiful!

Thank you for sharing that sweet story and bringing some perspective into our lives!

Very sweet!

Sue said...

Sniff, the next to last sentence made me cry. Thanks for sharing that moment...


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