Friday, January 25, 2008

Classy Baby Shower Game

I have been to my fair share of baby showers to know that they are all the same. Here is one super fun and classy game you can play to surprise your guests with thinking outside of the box as you plan a baby shower. It's fun, forces guests to interact with one another, and perfect as an ice breaker!

What you need: one empty wrapped boxed to resemble a gift for each table and a gift (we used a centerpiece) to give to the winner at each table and one person (we used the mother-to-be) to read the following poem.

Instruct one guest, at each table, to hold the wrapped box and listen ....

I'm just a little box
looking to belong
so pass me to the girlfriend
whose hair is the most long.

You can not keep me
that I know for sure
I want to go to the hands
with a pretty pink manicure.

You have beautiful hands,
but don't hold me too tight
pass me once to your left
then three times to your right.

I like all this action
I like all the moves
Now pass me to the girlfriend
who has the biggest B00bs!

I know this game is a lot of fun
But eventually it must stop
But first pass me on to the girlfriend
who's wearing the tightest top!!

I'm not yours to keep
even though of me you're fond
I want to be in the arms
of whoever's a natural blonde.

Hold me only for a short time
yes, that is what I mean
because now I want to be passed
to the girlfriend wearing the most green
(note - if no one is wearing green... go with the shower color)

This game's a real blast,
we're really having a ball
now pass me to a girlfriend
who is certainly the most tall.

When (MOMMY TO BE) and (DADDY TO BE) have their baby
they join the parent group
so pass me to the mom
who has the biggest troop!

The game must come to an end
I am so sorry to say
but first pass me to the person
whose birthday is closest to the due date (BABY DUE DATE)!

Hold me for a moment
then pass me to your right
then 3 times to the left
and 4 more to the right

Now I have nothing in me
so there's no need to open
when you leae today
the centerpiece is your token!

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