Thursday, June 05, 2008

Because no one reads blogs on the weekend: part 2

Last month I tried my hand at vlogging, for the first time. Since no one really reads blogs on the weekends, I was safe.

This month I shopped online for remodeling hardware on Overstock and had my very first online "chat" with a stranger. I was a little nervous. A tad bit reserved. And a whole lot of giddy. The "chat" just POPPED up while I was shopping.

Chris, employee # 36009 forever in my heart, was my first online chat with someone I did not know.

Chris: Thanks for visiting This is Chris, how may I help you?
you: I need to order more then just 20 cabinet pulls in the hardware section. Editing only allows be to add 20. I tried to add another order and it doesnt allow me to.
Chris: I'd like to let you know that you cannot place an order for more than 20 quantities.
Chris: 20 is the order limit for an item.
Chris: However, if you are a Club O member, you can place your order more for than 20 quantities.
you: oh, ok. i will look into that. thanks chris
Chris: May I know the the number of quantities you'd like to order for, please?
you: 55
Chris: In that case you need to place three orders, 20,20 and 15.
you: ok. will try that. thanks chris
Chris: If you wish, I can place the order for you and charge you only for one shipping fee.
Chris: I'll waive off the shipping fee for the remaining two orders.
Chris: Are you okay with that?
you: yes thats ok
Chris: For security purposes, can you verify the name and the full billing address (including the city, state, and zip code) on the account, please?
you: Pauline Karwowski 314 Main Street Cleveland OH 44***
Chris: Thank you for verifying the name and billing address.
Chris: May I have the catalog number or name of the item you are interested in?
you: Catalog #: 11958340
Chris: Just to confirm, are you referring to the 'Stockbridge Birdcage Cabinet Pull' at $4.93?
you: yes, aren't they nice?
Chris: Thanks for confirming the item, they are lovely.
Chris: Club O is an excellent program that will give you 5% off eligible purchases and free standard shipping within the continental United States. The yearly membership is only $19.95 and will help you save every time you order! Would you like to add this to your order?
you: yes, please. i would like to save 5%. will it reflect on this purchase?
Chris: Yes, it will.
you: then please add it Chris
Chris: Great, let's do it.
you: Yes. lets.
Chris: Thank you.
you: are you a "real" person?
Chris: Yes, I am.
you: i bet you get asked that a lot, huh?
Chris: You are chatting with a real human.
Chris: Do you wish to expedite your shipment with an additional shipping fee?
you: no... no hurry. my husband is doing the remodel. at his current rate I do not need an expediting
Chris: Okay, no problem, there are chances that you'll get this item much before the delivery date.
Chris: Okay, let me explain the item in your cart.
you: sounds great. maybe it will motivate him to finish sooner
you: I have item(s) in my cart. 42 of them.
Chris: Yes, it will, once he sees it, he'll be interested to fix it at the earliest.
Chris: Okay, let me check that for you.
you: sweet. In the meantime, where abouts are you?
Chris: Okay, we are headquartered at Salt Lake City, Utah.
Chris: Okay, let me explain the item in your cart, now.
you: im listening Chris
Chris: 'Club O Membership'; Shipping Method - N/A; qty - 1; Price - $19.95;
Chris: Okay, 'Stockbridge Birdcage Cabinet Pull'; Shipping Method - Standard (5-10 business days); qty - 20; Price - $98.60;
Chris: Subtotal: $118.55
Chris: Club O Savings: - $5.00
Chris: Shipping: FREE
Chris: Total Savings: $5.00
Chris: Total: $113.55
you: do you see all the other items in my cart?
Chris: Let me check it.
Chris: I'm sorry, I can see only the 'The Berkshire Birdcage Cabinet Knob '.
Chris: Before I submit the order, I'll like to provide you the delivery timeframe link and return policy link.
you: No, don't submit. I have a sink, a faucet, more hardware in my cart. Please check my cart again
Chris: No problem, please tell me the catalog numbers of the item that you wish to add more.
Chris: By the way, don't worry about the order, now you are a Club O member, so you can place your order anytime, your shipping fee is free.
you: 8 of these Catalog #: 11958342
you: 12 of these Catalog #: 11387996
you: 1 sink Catalog #: 10576763
you: 1 faucet Catalog #: 11045818
you: that's what I have thus far
Chris: Okay, it's the 'The Berkshire Birdcage Cabinet Knob' at $4.49, 'Decorite Cup Satin Nickel Cabinet Pull' at $2.99 and 'Elongated Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sink' right?
you: and i need more stockbridge bridcage pulls
you: yes and the faucet
Chris: Yes, I nearly miss it.
Chris: It's the 'Heritage Satin Nickel Kitchen Faucet', right?
you: yes... isn't it sexy?
Chris: Yes, it is, I can see that you have a good taste of choice.
Chris: Thanks for confirming all the items.
you: thanks Chris you should see my shoe collection!
Chris: Okay, let me make a final review of your cart, before I submit this order for you.
Chris: 'Club O Membership' Shipping Method - N/A; qty - 1; Price - $19.95;
Chris: 'Elongated Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sink'; Shipping Method - Standard (5-10 business days); qty - 20;
you: no i dont need 20 sinks
Chris: I'm sorry, the sink's qty is 1.
Chris: Yes, it should be 1.
you: ok
you: carry on
Chris: 'Heritage Satin Nickel Kitchen Faucet'; Shipping Method - Standard (5-10 business days); qty - 20;
Chris: Same over there.
Chris: It's one faucet.
you: no. no need for 20 faucets either. just one
you: ok
Chris: 'Decorite Cup Satin Nickel Cabinet Pull'; Shipping Method - Standard (5-10 business days); qty - 12; Price - $35.88;
you: yes
Chris: 'Stockbridge Birdcage Cabinet Pull'; Shipping Method - Standard (5-10 business days); qty - 20; Price - $98.60 ;
you: i need more of those... 55 in total
Chris: 'The Berkshire Birdcage Cabinet Knob'; Shipping Method - Standard (5-10 business days); qty - 8; Price - $35.92;
you: yes
Chris: Is the billing detail correct?
you: sounds good... does that include a O magazine subscription?
Chris: Okay, you'll be getting a mail from us from time to time, sometimes more often if you are a Club O member.
Chris: You'll be given other discounts, offers, etc as well.
Chris: Okay, I think you are through with our shipping and return policy, right?
you: sounds wonderful. i love getting emails
you: yes. yes i have...
Chris: You'll be getting lots of marketing emails from time to time.
Chris: Okay, may I have your credit card number with the expiration date, please?
you: ok. before i give you my cc# can I have your employee#... you know the internet. perhaps your name isn't chris but bob and you are really in vegas and not salt lake city
you: Chris... are you still there?
Chris: Okay, here's my employee # 36009.
Chris: I was calculating the cost for you.
you: Thanks. Here's my CC# 1234 123 1234 123
you: can you wait for me Chris. my toddler needs to go potty and I can hear her over the monitor. Can you place me on HOLD for 5 minutes?
Chris: Actually we have that number in our file, however, we just need it, thanks anyway.
Chris: No problem, I'll be there for you.
Chris: Please let me know when you are done.
Chris: Are you done?
you: Hi Chris. Im back. SO sorry. She needed to go #2.... are we all done placing the order?
Chris: I was waiting for you to get the permission to submit your order.
Chris: Okay, may I?
you: yes. please submit. is that a picture of you in the icon? a blond 20 year old woman?
Chris: Thank you.
you: asking me, "How may I help you?"
Chris: I'm sorry, that not my picture, she's our brand ambassador.
you: are you a woman or a man?
Chris: I'm a man.
Chris: Congratulation! your order was placed successfully and your order number is #123456789.
Chris: Please refer this order number in the event you need to contact us. You will also receive an email confirmation shortly.
you: So I will get an email soon? Im sure you happy to get rid of me, heh?
Chris: Yes, you will be getting it.
Chris: Don't take it that way, it's my pleasure helping you.
Chris: Your order was billed as follows:
Chris: You're shipping address is the same as your billing address.
you: thanks Chris. One more thing. Can I blog about this on my webiste?
you: you know... our "chat" as it was most pleasant and delightful
Chris: I'm sorry, I doubt that it'll be a good idea.
Chris: You can leave your feedback after this chat
you: why can't i blog about this chat. i think people would be thrilled to know about overstock
Chris: Okay, you can blog it in your website then.
Chris: Permission granted.
you: thanks Chris...
Chris: I'm processing your second order now.
Chris: Please give me 3-5 minutes, I'll process your order and come back with the item detail.
you: Thanks Chris. Care to entertain me with a good joke while we wait
you: Chris? Are you working hard to ignore me?
Chris: Thanks for holding, I'm sorry.
Chris: I didn't mean to ignore you.
Chris: Let me submit your order.
Chris: Here's your second order #1232456789.
Chris: Let me process your third order now.
you: ok
Chris: It's going to be for 15 quantities.
you: I was thinking about ordering the Illusions Animal Print Baby Doll Lingerie but it has no stars so I am worried. I was thinking it would REALLY motivate my husband. Will have to think about it
Chris: What do you say about the lingerie?
you: It has no stars. why not?
Chris: Could you provide me the catalog number, please?
you: Item#: 11900879 It's cute. Just has no reviews
Chris: Okay, it's the 'Illusions Animal Print Baby Doll Lingerie' at $20.89, you are referring, right?
you: yes. but now that I have the O membership I can order anytime with free shipping. Right Chris?
Chris: You are absolutely correct, there's no shipping fee for you since you are a Club O member.
Chris: May I submit your third order?
you: yes, you can.
Chris: Yes, you are right.
Chris: Thank you.
Chris: Here's your third order number 123456789.
Chris: I hope this resolves your concern to your satisfaction.
Chris: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
you: nope. i think we covered it all tonight chris.
Chris: Okay, we look forward for your continued business with us.
Chris: Thanks for visiting Your feedback is important. Please click 'Close' and complete the brief survey which appears. It takes less than one minute.
you: Thanks Chris. Have a good night.
Chris: You too have a good night.
Chris: Bye.
Chat InformationChat session has been terminated by the Overstock Service representative.

Not too shabby for my first time.

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