Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Differences between my first born and my third born ...

The TOP TEN things I do differently between the first born and the third born ...

1. I heat up her milk in the microwave for 30 seconds instead of the expensive bottle warmer that took five minutes to heat up.
2. I haven't used a "diaper genie" since my first born child. I had two matching diaper genies with my first born - one for each floor.
3. In 6 months, I have properly cleaned the third child's pacifiers three times. My first born had clean pacifiers three times a day.
4. I no longer use Pampers - I use what is on sale - and she has never leaked! My first born wore Pampers religiously for two years.
5. I haven't used DREFT laundry detergent once for the third child. I just stopped using DREFT for my 5 year old last summer.
6. I haven't burped her on purpose, since she was three months old. My first born was burped in between starting and finishing the bottle.
7. She has had the bottle propped up in a car ride, feeding herself, at least once a day. My first born was always always lovingly held and caressed while feeding.
8. My third born has had chances to cry - my first born was always picked up and cradled at the first sound of distress.
9. My third born wears whatever anyone is willing to give up and give to us. My first born was dressed in designer duds everyday.
10. I love each one of the kids so incredibly much - but I have to admit - I kiss the third way more then the first two. I have less to worry about - everything will be okay with a kiss. She fusses - I kiss. She cries - I kiss. She whines - I kiss.

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