Monday, August 13, 2007

Ohio Ketchup ...

We made it to Chicago. We made it through the weekend and the initial excitement is beginning to subside. The kids are comfortable with their new surroundings - very comfortable. Lola is waking around naked. However, they noticed a couple of differences between Babcia (Grandma) Dziadek's (Grandpa) house and our house....

"Mom, YUCK I don't like this ketchup. YUCK! I want some of the OHIO ketchup." Jay notices the ketchup on his lunch plate.

Funny. I usually buy whatever is on sale - never sticking with one brand. But yet, somehow the ketchup in Chicago tastes a lot different to Jay. (NOTE: The ketchup here was purchased at a Polish deli, for a 100% Polish family) I thought about making a Target run this morning and getting their favorite and familiar brands to make them feel more at home. I gave it some thought and decided not to. I had this vivid image in my head, visiting Chicago 15 years from now and making a Target run for my 20 year old son to find Heinz Ketchup.

So, I will not be compromising. This in turn, will be a perfect opportunity to introduce new tastes and expanding their already growing taste palates. I will not give in. Each problem results into a teaching moment, in my life with kids. This is such a non-stressful approach to parenting. A problem = a teachable moment.

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