Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Good kiddos

We visit Target twice a month simply to buy things "we need." I try to shop alone, however, since school hasn't started I had all three kids. I bribed them today. I told them they could visit the dollar section, AFTER our shopping, and the "good kiddos" can pick something out. The kids completely understand that they do not get toys - any toys - until their birthdays and Christmas. However, today I had to buy some toys for other people's birthdays.

Lola wanted the same toy for her birthday and threw a full blown tantrum because "what if this toy isn't here in March, you should buy it now and save it for me." Screaming, crying, red in the face. People were staring at her. I tried to walk away from her - but somehow everyone knew she belonged to me.

"Bad day at the office?" an elderly man asked her. I kept walking - she kept crying. I finally kneeled down to her level and explained that she would not be visiting the dollar section of Target today - that Jay will be the only "good kiddo" rewarded. More screaming, more crying, "I was good at home!" That wasn't the agreement we made. Jay picked out his dollar tin of bubblegum. We started to check out, she was still trying. "I will be good now, look my tears are all done. Mama, I am a good girl." I did not give in.

As we were driving away from Target I kept promising her that she too will get to shop in the dollar section - if she remembers to be a "good kiddo" and she agreed - she will remember. Once she mention "I will remember next time" I realized that I had forgotten the cuticle scissors on my list. "Oh no, Mama forgot the scissors on the list." I said out loud to myself. Lola - always has the last word - turned to me with her big eyes still teary and said, "PERFECT, Mama. That's no problem. We can go back and I can try being a good kiddo this time." I kept driving toward home.

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