Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Barbie Negotations

Just came back from the public library. The kids know our Chicago road trip is just around the corner because they were allowed to pick out two movies each, at the library. A very rare and special treat for them. They ate the breakfast in record time. Put their shoes on all by themselves. Buckled themselves in the car. We were out the door in no time.

It took Jay all of 2 minutes to pick his movies out. He found "Stuart Little" and "All Dogs Go To Heaven." Holding onto his movies he made room for his sister. Lola, on the other hand, pushed, pulled, poked around the entire DVD stand until she settled on "Fairy Tales: The Three Little Pigs and More" and then ... the most incredibly find of the morning (in her eyes) ... "Barbie: The 12 Dancing Princesses." She marveled at the cover - it was even sparkly! She flipped it over to view the back and couldn't contain herself. In a non-library voice she exclaimed, "I have never even seen this movie ever before. I need this!" Okay, you need this? Whatever. Let's check out and go - we have tons of packing to do.

We approach the librarian, Jay puts his movies on the counter, looks up at the librarian, and says "I am 5 now. I just turned five." She smiles at him and I turn to Lola to get her DVDs. "Can we watch these movies in now Mama?" No, I tell her, we are not watching these at home. These are only for the car ride. The Librarian smiles again. Lola again in a non-library voice exclaims, "But, we really have to check if it works here, now. We have to watch it here, today, right now. Okay, Mama?" The Librarian smiles again. "Mom, what if it doesn't work. We have to watch it today and see." Again, another librarian smile or was it a "I'm glad she's not mine" smile.

We are home. Lola is walking around the house with her Barbie movie. "We NEVER watched this at home before. Mama, we never watched this in here before. MOM, we really never did. We never watched this in our home before, Mommy." I place Fifi down on a blanket take off her diaper and see that she has exploded - how long has it been there, I wonder. Was it at the library? In the car? 20 minutes ago? Or was it 2 hours ago? I ask Lola, "Can you hand over the wipes, I could use your help." In a non-library voice she exclaims, "But I am holding the movie we never ever watched in our home before." Ahhh!!!! Only 6 more hours until bedtime, and 48 hours until Chicago.

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