Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"Derek is cute"

Lola had a reminder in her pre-school backpack today - looking for volunteering parents to read books to her class.

I volunteered about 4 times during Jay's three year old preschool career. Each time, we made a big production out of it, we went to Borders and picked out a book that the entire class would enjoy. A uni-sex preschool book. I dated the book and included a note on the cover commemorating the event. We still read the books we picked and Jay remembers them and acknowledges their importance. "Mama, this book is so special to me. Remember when you came to my school and read it to me and everyone is my whole entire class loved it so much?

Lola is aware of this pre-school tradition and is excited for her trip to Borders. "I know what I am going to pick out already."

You do? Already? We will go next week and we can see the books that are available. You can pick one out then.

"But, I know already that I want the dancing princess Barbie book. You know, actually it is my favorite movie - but I don't have the book yet."

Well, I don't know if there's a Barbie book like that. I don't think that EVERYONE in your class will enjoy it. Do you think the boys will like it? "

Actually, they will. They will like it because there are boys in the movie. There is a boy named Derek in the movie and another one too. The boys will like the book. Derek is cute, that is what the Barbie in the movie say. Hers said Derek is cute"

Well, good argument Lola, we will see what is available at Borders. How is she able to remember specific lines from this movie only viewing it once on the way to Chicago and a handful of times in Chicago? And how come, no matter how hard I try, she still confuses her and she? I am in trouble.

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