Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am THAT mom ...

It is official. I am THAT mom.

My king sized bed has three full time occupants: My husband, me, and Fifi-pie. However, my decision to co-sleep has been purely based on laziness. I no longer have to drag my feet across the hall in the middle of the night. My other two kids, as infants, were on a strict schedule and slept in their cribs. I remember frowning down at THAT mom who slept with her children. What if she rolled over? How does she get a good night's rest? I am a different parent to my youngest child. My youngest has no schedule - she takes 15 minutes naps all day long - usually in the Britax. My older two had such a great napping schedule I used to politely kick out our playgroup promptly at 11am. We were always home for 2 naps and frequently skipped family functions because they needed a nap in THEIR OWN BEDS.

It is official. I am THAT mom. A completely different mother to my third.

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