Monday, September 10, 2007

Massage store

"Adults are always asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up because they're looking for ideas".
- Paula Poundstone

Every night before putting the kids to sleep, I open up my "massage store." It consists of a towel in the hallway, a bottle of Johnson & Johnson Lavender baby lotion, and good conversations. Each one of the three kids has some one on one time with me "the massage store owner." Some days we talk about the days events and other days we simply make believe. The purpose of my "massage store" is to ...

1. Have some alone time with each kid.
2. Promote healthy conversational habits.
3. Lovingly massaging each arm, leg, finger, and keeping an eye out for splinters, bumps, and bruises.

Today's conversations were purely make believe.

Me: Welcome to my massage store. I am open for business.

HER: Hi, I would like a massage today.
Me: Great, lay down on my table. What is your name?
HER: Mama P is my name.
Me: What a beautiful name, Mama P. How many children do you have?
HER: I have three children.
Me: How lucky you are to have three children. What are their names?
HER: Anabella, Sarah, and Jay a boy.
Me: What beautiful names you have for your children. How old are they?
HER: Anabella is three, Sarah is 500 months old, and Jay is a boy in my tummy, not yet born, actually.
Me: Oh, do your children go to school?
HER: Yes, they go to kids school all day long. I drop them off because I work in the city.
Me: You work in the city? That is great. What do you do in the city?
HER: I play.
Me: You play at work? What is your job in the city?
HER: At work in the city I play tic tac toe. And sometimes I even play duck duck goose.
Me: It sounds like you are busy at work, in the city.
HER: Yes, I am busy at my work. I play tic tac toe all the time. I am the circle.

I am so glad I asked what she did at her job in the city. I too would love to find a job, in the city, where I can play Tic Tac Toe and Duck Duck Goose all day long. Oh .... to be a three year old, again. Her world is fascinating. I love being a part if her world everday - I have the best job in the world. I am so honored to be my kid's "Mama P" and being the proud owner of my "massage store." What a life!

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