Thursday, September 06, 2007

A field trip

"Mom, when I graduate from driving school, I don't want to drive. I want to fly a plane." Really. That is what you want to do Jay? That's a great idea. You would make a great pilot. "Yes, I know, Mama. I want to fly the entire family on a trip to heaven. I want to visit that dead frog we saw in July. Won't that be a good field trip?" Yes, Jay that is a great idea for a field trip. You are full of great ideas Jay.

So is my father. He is full of "good ideas." We spent 2 weeks in Chicago this summer with my parents. My father exposed my very sensitive Jay to death, dying, and heaven. Ever since then he has been asking about when he is going to die, when Murphy our Dachshund is going to die, and if I will die before or after him. Thanks, Tata - full of good ideas!

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