Monday, September 24, 2007

The Sweetest Boy I Know: Part 2

1. An Engineer. So I can build you a pool Mama, in our backyard with no safety breaks and no lifeguards so we can have fun all day long.
2. A Hunter. So I can hunt chicken for you Mama and you can make us chicken nuggets.
3. A Baker. So I can bake so many things for you Mama. We will never have to buy birthday cakes, I will bake all the time for you, Mama.
4. A Dentist. So I can be like Daddy and fix your teeth, Mama. Every time you need me, Mama.

5. A Secret Agent Spy. So I can find all the jewels in the world and give them to you. I will spy and find jewels on top of mountains and even under the sea. I will find all the jewels in the world and they will be yours, MAMA.
6. A Daddy. I will be a daddy too. You can live in my house and be with me all the time. I will build a room just for you Mama!

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