Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bride & Brother

Yesterday we went trick or treating at the "old people's home." We go every year and although the kids receive a lot of candy they are very reserved. Rightlyfully so. It smells and looks like a hospital. Nevertheless, I encourage them to interact with the elderly as much as possible. I explained that they are lonely and love to see kids. I reminded Sis that some were hard of hearing so towards the ends she was screaming, "THANK YOU" and Jay too was patient with them as each took a long time to drop the candy into his bag (Lola helped herself).

"Mama, when I am this old will I live here?" Jay looks up at me. No, Jay you will live with me and we will take care of each other, always. I answer him. "Mama, my new wish isn't for us to be happy and healthy. That isn't my wish, anymore. My new wish is that our family lives forever and ever together." Yes, Jay. We will live together forever as a happy and healthy family.

Half way through the trick or treating, Lola stops in a doorway. I look up at the name plate on the door... "Helen." Helen is sitting in a wheelchair with a therapist at her side. She is probably the oldest one in the entire center - close to 100 years old. She must have once been a pretty gorgeous woman - she had flawless porcelain skin, tight white curls that still had some volume, and skinny long delicate fingers. These fingers weren't working though - she could barely pinch to hold a snickers bar. She looked at Lola, dropped the candy back into the bowl, and smiled. Then a tear formed. Lola must have reminded her of someone. Lola was dressed as a bride - all in white - her blond curls peaking through her veil. Helen had a tear forming and her therapist asked, "Isn't she a pretty bride?" And all that Helen could do was nod her head and shed a couple more tears. The therapist asked who the groom was ... "My brother, Jay." Lola replied.

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Kellan said...

Such a precious story and wonderful way to share your children! Have a Happy Halloween. See ya. (Darling kids).

renatamic said...

it's great you took them there - am sure they brought a lot of smiles to all the people at the nursing home.

utmomof5 said...

What a great tradition with your kids. I am sure the "old people" were really appreciative of the visit. Cute kids!!

Cecily R said...

What's wrong with me today? I thought getting choked up by Halloween stuff last year was because I was pregnant...what stinkin' excuse do I have this year?

I want a snikers bar from Helen too. How sweet is that?

Oh, and your kids? Adorable.

Mrs. Fussy Fussypants said...

Wow, I am so impressed with your tradition of taking them to the nursing home. Many of us THINK about it, but you all do it.
Very cool!
Beautiful Blog!

lightening said...

Oh, they look so sweet. That's a nice idea to go to the nursing home.

LunaNik said...

First of all, your children are BEAUTIFUL! And secondly, taking your kids to trick or treat at the nursing home is the best idea...I never would have thought of it. Teaching your children to give back to the community, giving the elderly something to smile about, and your kids get rewarded with, this is brilliant.

B said...

Good gracious this is a tear jerker.

Good post :)


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