Monday, October 29, 2007

Cooking and Stilettos

Fifi was playing in the Tupperware drawer while I was preparing Sunday dinner. I looked down at her and sawthat she was chewing something rather intently. I stuck my finger in her mouth and did a clean sweep and I pulled out a sticker ....

"Remove Completely Before Cooking."

The sticker from the oven steamer bag. Opps, must have fallen off the counter.


Every morning at 8, I turn on the computer and our web cam. And every morning our computer rings as my parents in Chicago sit down in front of their computer, in their PJs drinking their coffees, and call us. I run around getting the kids ready for school and my parents watch the kids play in the computer room. Today, I sat Fifi down in the middle of the room, with no toys around her. She looked up at my parents and smiled as my Dad did his infamous tongue click. Seeing that Fifi was being entertained, I started breakfast.

"Mama, MAMA, come here Mama, where are you Mama P?" I hear my father's voice yelling through the computer screen. " Fifi just found something in the carpet and placed it in her mouth!"

I stuck my finger in her mouth and did a clean sweep and I pulled out ....

... a pink Polly Pocket stiletto.

Note to self: Need to baby proof the house today. What is the strangest thing you ever pulled out of your baby's mouth?

I understand pulling anything out of your child's mouth is not really that funny and that choking is a serious issue amongst toddlers- that is why I am so proficient at the clean sweep finger maneuver.

5classy comments:

LunaNik said...

Not only does my hubby throw his dirty clothes all over the house, he leaves his loose change in the pockets. He started cleaning out his pockets when he got home after a terrifying incident involving a penny and my oldest daughter Loki. You know exactly where I'm going with this don't you...

Kellan said...

I have a friend that her little daughter would hum anytime she ate something and one day she saw her daughter sitting on the kitchen floor and just a humming away and when she stuck her finger in her daughters mouth she found a dead fly (ha!) - your story is funny too. See ya.

Anonymous said...

It used to be a daily occurrence to pull dog food out of my kids' mouths. Ick.

The Other Jen said...

I recall the time I gave the twins each a package of Kraft dinner, to shake. Brilliant, homemade toys, I thought. That was until they came up to me with mouthfulls of dry macaroni. Of course I wasn't following the, 'Watch your child every waking moment' Rule. Bad mommy.

the Girls' Moma said...

Oh my gosh, what a great idea for babysitting! V-cam babysitting by the grandparents! I'm so stealing that idea... once my parents retire and are actually home in the mornings. Woo!

Thanks for the idea!



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