Friday, October 26, 2007

Foto Friday

I laid in the leaves with Fifi and watched Jay and his best buddy shoot some hoops. Here she watches the big boys play.

It is so incredibly easy to capture a third child smile .... she has so much to entertain her all the time. I remember the stunts I used to pull to get Jay, the first born, to smile for his baby pictures. I don't have to make silly faces, play peek-a-boo, or even shake a rattle to get her to smile.

She is so happy to watch us and be a part of us. It is hard to imagine that just two years ago we sold all of our baby gear, gave away our strollers, and burned maternity clothes all because we had decided that two children made a perfect family. She completes us.

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LunaNik said...

Recently I approached my hubby about having another baby (two actually). He flat out said that 2 is perfect and he didn't want another child. I'm going to let him read this post and hope it starts to change his mind.

Buttermouth said...

She does complete you guys. If you just listened to me you wouldn't have had to get rid of any baby clothes. It was evident Caroline was a middle child from day one.

Stacy said...

Love the photos! She is adorable :)
I am so sad that "fall is over" here already...totally bums me out!

The Other Jen said...

So sweet! What gorgeous pictures.A nd your accompanying paragraph made me want to have another.

For a minute.

Then I remembered that I have a one-in-eight chance of having twins (or more) again.

KATE said...

I love those sweet pictures! She is beautiful!!

I know exactly what you mean, we stopped at 3 & got rid of EVERYTHING, even down to the crib!! Then little Miss Brookie surprised us, & what a surprise she was! I couldn't imagine not having her!!
How fun, even on the bad days, she's so much fun!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
- Kate

Cecily R said...

I'm snooping from Kate's blog and I have to comment since you are chaotic too!!! Your pictures are adorable--what a darling baby!


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