Monday, October 08, 2007

Grocery shopping in ballet flats ...

I have been grocery shopping with more then one child for 3.5 years. I always spend just about the same amount of money. I always buy the same groceries. I always spend the same amount of time in the store. The kids enjoy helping out counting lemons, finding cabbage, and examining which eggs are all in tact. It fact, it is always an enjoyable hour. We have had the same repertoire for years - scanning the grocery store's outer walls for our food - we very rarely travel to the inside aisles.

I have dreamt about shopping with just one child, or no child, for years and was so excited that the kiddos were in school. I have now been shopping with just Fifi, asleep in the carrier, for over a month now and each week have spent on average over $40.00 more per week. I have much more time to look at all the products. I have time to actually go through all of the aisles. I can compare which wheat breads are actually the most healthiest for us (Brownberry Oatnut - my personal favorite). I can read the labels. I can ask the butcher questions. I now read recipes and need to buy extra spices, extra ingredients, and fancy olives. It is an entirely new world to me. But $40.00 extra each week is $120.00 extra each month and a lot more each year - so today I will be picking up Jay from a play date and heading to the grocery store with three kids in tow. Call me crazy - I know. But grocery shopping with three kids for just 2 months and my new Tori Burch ballet flats will be paid off!

Ahem... husband, if you are reading this, see how money savvy I am?

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