Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Jesus in Pre-K

"Mom, do you know who's the cutest baby in the world?" Jay asked me this morning. He is head over heels in love with Fifi and it melts my heart when he acknowledges her each day. Who's the cutest baby in the world, Jay? "It is baby Jesus, Mama. Baby Jesus is a really cute baby, isn't he?"


Jay is enrolled in a pre-K program at a Christian church down the street. The teacher talks about God and Jesus on a daily basis. "Mom, did God make flowers? How about golf balls, did he make golf balls?" I get religious and spiritual questions/statements every single day now.

Don't get me wrong. We are not atheists. We go to church, we pray every night, but we don't get into religion this deep this early in life. "Mom, do you know that God never dies?" Ahem, oh. "Mom do you know that baby Jesus is in heaven. That is his home." Ahem, okay. Bible Man the DVD was what he checked out during his library hour at school. Bible Man? Who... you got to be kidding me. On the cover: a slightly overweight man in head to toe spandex. It's not that I am not comfortable, I went to a Jesuit college, I like my faith. But Jay has really embraced this Christian based preschool program and it's just a bit... well... not what I am used to.

"Baby Jesus is cuter than you Fifi-pie." Jay whispers to Fifi as he brushes past her car seat on the way to his Christian based pre-K this morning.

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Kash said...

I think Babcia will finally be getting her priest in the family! You know, she's spent several decades praying for this one, you have no control.


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