Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mama Ghost cookie

I took all three kiddos on a fieldtrip to Michaels, the craft store, this afternoon. We decorated Halloween cookies. I had an over tired baby squirming in my arms and I didn't have much time to oversee Lola and Jay's decorating attempts. Since they picked to sit by their friends and on opposite sides of the craft room - I was forced to bounce between them while holding tired Fifi. I started Lola's ghost cookie and told her to add details - check out the cute pink purse I made - my only contribution. I then left her to help Jay - whom was by this time licking the community frosting jar - and certain mothers were glaring at him, and me. I helped him out, went to change Fifi's diaper, remembered to wash my hands, and bounced back to Lola's section of the room. "Look Mama. I am done. My ghost is a Mama ghost with pink high heels. See? Do you like her? Do you, Mama?" Wow, you did such a great job, Lola. Yes, I love Mama Ghost, she has a nice smile. What is the yellow thing in between Mama Ghost's pink high heels? "Oh that's her shoe-shoe-inka." (Polish equivalent of the American pee pee). Ahhh... I am so glad Ohio does not have an enormous Polish population.

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