Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tribal Disco

"Bricks and mortar make a house, but the laughter of children makes a home." - Irish blessing.

Every so often in the early evening right before bedtime, I gather up the kids, blast the radio, and we dance. We dance to Salif Keita from Mali, we dance to Aretha Franklin, we dance to the Gypsy Kings - really anything that has a great beat. Our CD collection is extensive, we have my well traveled sister to thank for this. The kids are so happy when I let loose. I look into their eyes, hold their hands, twirl around and spin, we jump and hop, and really let loose. Today, Jay was laughing out loud as I danced, the laugh was contagious and soon Lola joined. Even Fifi let out a couple of squeals as I spun her around. "Mom, you are a great dancer." Jay concluded after our disco closed for the evening. I built up a sweat and they gave up their last ounces of energy at our tribal disco. This was a good thing.

2classy comments:

Rhea said...

I thought this included a video?!

I love it, you guys dancing together. Sweetness!!

Kellan said...

I do this with the kids too - ocassionally. Except we two-step in our house - to loud country music and George Strait.

I was looking forward to your video too?! I'll come back tomorrow to see if you got it loaded.

Take care and keep dancing with those precious kids!!



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