Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Saying goodbye is hard to do

Saying goodbye is hard to do, especially so, if you are a head strong three year old girl at a new friend's house. I arranged for a play date with a new friend from Lola's Tue/Thurs preschool. We dropped off Jay at school and had nearly 2 hours to play before picking him back up again. It was a perfect play date. The girls were sweet, happy, and well mannered. Then it was time to say our goodbyes. "Mom, I don't want to leave right now." Oh man, what am I to do. Think fast. Lola, it is time to go, we need to pick up Jay. You have no other choices right now. "But, Mom. But. But Mama, I don't want to." Lola, listen to my nice Mommy voice. Do you hear it? My nice voice is saying, we need to go. "But. But. But I haven't even seen her room yet. I can't leave without seeing what color her room is." I look down at her new friend and ask her the color of her room ... yellow. She has a yellow room. We can see it the next time you come here for a play date. You were a very friendly girl and we will have lots of play dates, right? "Oh. Oh, okay, Mama. That is a great idea. Let's come back and see her yellow room tomorrow." We left, no tears involved, and said our goodbyes.

Saying goodbye is hard to do, especially so, if you are having the time of your life at the apple farm's family fun fest. Apple picking, corn maze, tree houses, slides, pony rides, hot dogs, sand box, hay ride, pumpkin painting - after four hours at the fun fest it was time to say goodbye. "But. But, But Mama, I really don't want to leave. I really don't." It is time to say goodbye to the apple farm, Lola. Find your most favorite activity you did and go and say goodbye to it. Lola drags her feet to the miniature ponies, she waits for the pony with blond hair to stop and says her goodbyes. We walk over to the tractor that will lead us to the parking lot. "But, Mom! But. I don't want to go. I just don't" Oh, man, again... so much drama for the mama. What can I say to her without starting a tantrum. I open up my eyes really bright, kneel down to her level, open up my arms really wide ... I have a great idea. A wonderful idea. The best idea in the world. There are many more fall days left and why don't we go home and decide which one of our girlfriends to invite over for a play date at the apple farm. Cross my fingers. Hope this works. Lola opens up her eyes starts jumping up and down... "Yahoo, I can invite anyone? Yahoo! That really is the best idea ever." We left, no tears involved, and said our goodbyes.

Saying goodbye is hard to do, especially so, if your nearly 60 year old brother dies. Today, just hours ago, my mom's brother in Poland died. He never moved out of my grandparent's house. They have been living together forever. He never married. He had three sisters. My uncle used to tell my mom she was the most beautiful baby girl in the entire world - no one cuter. They shared so many memories as siblings. And I am lost for words on how to console my mother who is sad. So sad. So my mom leaves tomorrow for Poland, with tears, to say her goodbyes.

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the Girls' Moma said...

What a great piece of writing, and I love the way you framed it. I can read your heart here.

OHmommy said...

Awww, thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is a hidden treasure babe. What a beautfiully written post. *hug*


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