Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I am leaving my husband tonight, for someone special

The hotel has been confirmed. A king size bed has been requested. Breakfast for tomorrow has been ordered. My swim suit for the hot tub is packed. Uncle Mike from Chicago is coming to babysit the kiddos.

I will drive nearly 300 miles tonight and I am so excited.

I haven't been alone with Jay, my first born, in years. Alone. At night. My first born and I. He asked if there was a pool. He requested we sleep and cuddle in one bed. He hinted that he might like hard boiled eggs in the morning.

Jay has a job tomorrow. He is in an ad for a major insurance company. He has done many jobs in the last couple of years that include news paper inserts, greeting cards, packaging, none of which required any travel. Lola has been fortunate enough to work a lot too. She has been on billboards, buses, and greeting cards. Her jobs have been stationed here too, and we haven't had to travel.

I am excited. To get away. To swim with my sweet little boy. To sit at a restaurant at a table for two. I am excited to cuddle. I am excited to have someone bring me breakfast in bed. I am excited for the time I get to spend alone with my first born child.

Tonight my husband will sleep alone. I am sleeping with someone very special.

7classy comments:

LunaNik said...

Oh that's great!! How did you get them involved in this? I'm curious because my 2 year old is such a performer and takes very, very good photos. I've contemplated scouting agencies, but I don't want to get scammed...any advise??

OHmommy said...

They have been all doing it since birth.

There are so many agencies. The reputable ones are that don't require you to pay. We have never paid for anything. We aren't even paying for the hotel or gas tonight.

Our agency acts as our pimp. They calls us with jobs. We accept or decline. They pay us. The client pays the agency. Everyone is happy.

If you feel like you are being scammed. You are being scammed.

Kellan said...

What a great post!!! I'm envious of you - what a special time and how wonderful that you have loved it even before it has happened. Like that line in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts tells Richard Gere "In case I forget to tell you later - I really enjoyed myself tonight" - you have the best time ever!

huckdoll said...

how lovely...sounds like a very nice night, have a great time!

Victoria said...

Wonderful post! And I could have written it! My Boy also does some modeling - mostly for my employer, so we travel and explore together. It really is a special thing to travel with one kiddo. Hope the shoot goes well! Travel safe.

Rachel said...

How fun!! Sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

Cecily R said...

Yay for you both. Have a wonderful time. You deserve it.


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