Sunday, December 14, 2008

Be a bloggy angel...

On Saturday, one of my dearest friends Indy, from my very first playgroup in Cleveland, unexpectedly lost her mother.

My heart goes out to Indy and her beautiful family. Indy has had a very rough couple of months. She recently lost her good friend, a young mother, Julie to cancer. And now, her own mother has passed away suddenly.

I have seen Indy on a weekly basis for the last six years of my life. We met each other, both preggers with our second children, so swollen we could not tend to our toddlers on the floor. I have laughed out loud at stories of her incredible mother as a Mary Kay consultant. She raised three gorgeous women that are strong, confident, and happy. Indy's mother was a nurse, she worked hard and secretly stashed away cash to pay for a monthly cleaning lady. That image always brings a smile to my face.

Please. I ask you. Fill up her comment box with hugs. I believe in the power of bloggy angels.

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