Friday, September 28, 2007

Foto Friday

3,189 pictures taken since May 2007. This is what my children see just about every day of their lives. Maybe that is why Fifi cries and cries all night long .... maybe she doesn't recognize me, without my camera? Tonight I am going to bed armed with my camera!

By the way - check out my new ride - an entry level Honda minivan. I can now fit three car seats, two strollers, and my groceries without any trouble. Who would have known a car had this much room? Too bad the camera is covering my true expression of saying goodbye to my Mercedes life.

1 Cclassy comments:

Stephanie said...

So I had some time and went exploring on your blog. I cannot even fathom that many pictures. Over 3,000??? And I thought I was good with 200 a month! WOW.


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