Thursday, September 27, 2007

Alpha Mom at Preschool Pickup

Back to Tuesday, the horrible day ....

The husband took much longer on the root canal then originally planned. By the way - my tooth is still in pain - it's Thursday. I was freaking out in the chair and calling him mean names - I needed to be half way across Ohio for pre-school pickups. I am that mother that is NEVER late - especially for pre-school pickups. I am the Alpha Mom - always the first in line ready to embrace my children. ALWAYS. "You are a jerk. I hate my dentist! How many more minutes, husband ?!?" He very graciously dismissed me at 11am and I had to be in front of Lola's school at 11:15. Impossible. Even though I do not live in NYC, LA, or Chicago - we still do experience some sort of traffic - typically an Amish horse buggie can hold up traffic for miles. I called my neighbor, her twins attend the same school and are dismissed 15 minutes after Lola. Yes, of course, she is able to pick up a Lola - it will be a treat for the girls! I rush over to pick up Jay at his pre-K, at a separate school, and make it on time for his 11:30 dismissal. Together we drive to pick up Lola from our neighbors, I was panicking the entire way How did she do? Did she cry? Did I hurt her feelings? We pull up to their house and Lola is frowning... "Why are you here? I want a play date with the twins!!!"

Now for today, so far a pretty okay day ....

I pick up Lola. I am the second mom in the sea of SUVs and Mini Vans - totally the Alpha mom. I am plucking my eyebrows as I wait. lola emerges from the classroom, again with a frown. She enters the car, "Why are you here? I want a play date with the twins. Can you call them? I don't want to go home." We go home anyway because I have to be by the phone. In fact, I want both my home phone and my cell phone with me. Today is the first day that Jay is being picked up from school, by someone not me. He has a play date. I am so nervous and already panicking about how he feels right now. Did the mom remember to be on time for pick up? Does Jay remember her face and will he miss mine? Will she stop at each stop sign on the way to her house, with my son in the backseat? Will Jay remember to say "please" and "thank you" without my reminder? Why hasn't she called me yet?

I think all is fine. It's 11:52am EST and pickup was at 11:30. Thank you blog for getting me through this very difficult time. I have ALWAYS picked up my (first) child from school. My third child will probably have a nanny.

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