Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"Please work with your child..."

Lola had lots of papers inside her pre-school backpack today. A reminder to the open house, a handout explaining the town's school levy, a drawing she drew, and a "Please work on this at home..." assignment.

Apparently my brilliant - maybe even gifted - daughter was never taught her basic shapes. "Please work with your child identifying circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles." Did each child receive this assignment? I rushed home to quiz her.

At home, I took out the paper and quizzed her. What is this Lola? "It's a triangle." No, actually it is a rectangle. What is this one? "Oh, that is a rectangle." No, actually it is not, that is a triangle. Oh my gosh! Gasp! My daughter does not know her shapes.

Mrs. C told me she is by far the best scissor cutter she has seen in all her years teaching. Mrs. C. said she has the most amazing memory and never forgets anything. Mrs. C. said she already knows how to spell and write her own name and is able to identify most of the letters in the alphabet. But, today I learned, from Mrs. C. that she does not know her basic shapes. Good thing I signed her up for two pre-schools this year, two days at one school just wasn't enough. Now, she can catch up on her shapes.

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