Sunday, September 02, 2007

His future

This evening after bath, Jay approached us and asked, "Why does Daddy work?" The husband smiled and proudly explained how he provides for the family. He brushed Jay's teeth and while he scrubbed he talked about all the things that we have: food, house, clothes, medicine, etc... Jay jumped in ..."Chuck E Cheeses, my pillow, my skateboard, etc..." The father-son conversation ended, both were smiling.

Why did I feel the need to add to the conversation? The husband did fine. How come I always have to have an addendum to everything?

"Jay. When you go to college, you will meet a girl, and you will marry her. You guys will have a house of your own, and children of your own. Your children will have me as a grandmother, a Babcia. I will be their Babcia! And I will visit you all the time - at your home and your office." Jay looks at me - wide eyed. He sits straight up. His lips start to quiver. His body begins to tremble. A tear forms in his left eye. Another follows. "Jay, what's the matter? Jay, buddy. What's the problem?" He wipes away the tears and our eyes meet - "I'm going to really miss you, Mama." Sniffle, sniffle. "I don't want a house of my own." Sniffle, sniffle, more sniffling. "I just don't ever really want to leave you. I am happy here." Sniffle. "Oh, Jay. Handsome guy. Jay, buddy - okay - you can live with me forever and ever. I am happy with you here too. I love you and we will be together forever." Jay rests his hands on my shoulders, our eyes meet again, and he whispers "That is a good idea, Mama. I never want to miss you." We hug, our moment ends, I drain the tub water, and from behind closed doors we hear Lola scream "I am going to college in MEXICO!"

2classy comments:

Meg said...

caroline is my favorite. mexico. ha! that kid is the best. jack is a trip too...just remember you told him he could stay. :)

OHmommy said...

Thanks Meg! I figure he will change - or not. My uncle just left his parents house at 50 years old!


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